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Feast is proud to present our dedicated staff...


Teri Rogers

Teri has been in the restaurant business since the late 70’s, her fine dining experience beginning with the Peasant Restaurant Group in the early 80’s. Those who lived and dined in Atlanta back then will remember The Peasant Group as the company that introduced Atlanta to a whole new trend of dining experience. Working with several of the Peasant concepts, Teri gained invaluable knowledge through eight years of front of house kitchen experience. Afterward, she absorbed five more years of experience, handling high volume as manager of Neighbor’s Pub and Darkhorse Tavern, part of Neighborhood Concepts, Inc.  After that, she was off to Tennessee, joining a couple of friends in opening a southern eclectic style restaurant called Pearl’s Cafe, located in Sewanee, at the heart of Monteagle Mountain and naturally became an instant success, with features in the New York Times as well as Southern Living. After seven years of living in the Cumberland Plateau, Teri decided to move back to Atlanta and start a new venture. After settling back into the Virginia Highlands of the city, she was offered an opportunity to help Crescent Moon open a new restaurant at Northlake. Afterwards, Teri was then able to focus on a new and exciting concept that felt instantly comfortable. With the wood fired pizza oven and fun atmosphere, Feast became a smashing success! Opened in 2005, Feast is now celebrating 5 years of serving the Decatur area.

Will Jackson

Will has been in the restaurant business since the mid 70's.
His resume consists of The Peasant Restaurants, the original Murphys in Virginia Highlands, Ritz Carlton Downtowm, Cafe Intermezz and McNeely's to name a few.
Most recently Will helped open the Chicken & the Egg in Marietta while also working full time at Feast.
He now is focussed totally on ensuring that Feast cooks and presents the best food in Decatur. He has been in our employ since early 2010.


Since the late 70’s, Derek has held sway behind a bar.  After a brief stint working at the Peasant Restaurant group, Derek quickly garnered the loyalty of his famous sub-rosa Martini Club at the infamous Walter Mitty’s in Virginia-Highland.  After that he took a turn at Vickery’s, absorbing and hosting the counterculture of the 80’s, when Vickery’s was the only restaurant for miles in Midtown, his regular clients readily following him there.   Back in the day, he was renowned for his artistic abilities as well as his facility with a shaker, which sent him to the left coast for a couple of years of experimentation.  Some of that was with the LA bar scene.  After Audrey Hepburn blew him a kiss in a traffic jam in Beverly Hills, he figured he was done and headed underground... in Atlanta, working at the Groundhog and Atkins Park for Warren Bruno and then recreating a fan club for his concoctions at Misto and then JCT Kitchen in West Midtown.  Living in Decatur since the last century, he watched the development of the restaurant scene in Decatur and was pleased to see Teri Rogers start a great restaurant within walking distance.  He is delighted to work in his zip code and to grow with a great concept at Feast, because all great concepts start with a decent cocktail.....or beer......or glass of wine....

Robin Vaughan
General Manager

More info to follow. Check back soon!
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